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In the beginning… October 28, 2009

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We’re a motley crew of misfit toys and troublemakers and we’re fed up with the idea that in order to change the devastating ways that we create and consume energy we must grovel before politicians and utilities.  We are also rebellious revelers–studying the art and creation of fun and using it to change lives.

To marry these slightly schizophrenic personality traits, we’ve decided to go into the business of festival organizing. Villages in the Sky is a new kind of festival. Building off of established festivals like Burning Man and the Rainbow Gathering, we want to bring people together to explore the creation of sustainable energy: the kind that powers our appliances and the kind that creates momentum in our lives. In full celebration of the wind element, we’ll be leaving behind positive traces of the world we’re actively building together: tree houses and wind mills. Small scale wind farms and other renewable energy installations will be our work and tree house villages and zip line courses will be our play!

Explore the rest of the pages and keep reading our blog so you know what we’re up to! Then, come play with us in June of 2010 when we launch our very first festival!