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And the good news is… January 27, 2010

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That my boys are taking care of me, too.  I always say that one of my favorite parts of this project is getting to play with “the boys.”  They are wonderful.  Real boys, you know, work hard, play hard, build things with their hands and all of them are a couple of decades older than me.  We decided months ago that I’m the little sister who’s had to assume all maternal responsibilities because our mother is in rehab.  And trust me, it explains a lot about “the boys” and our unique relationship.

Tonight I got a call in the middle of a Smash Brothers tournament from Pilgrim—our site manager and tree house building master.  We’d been sifting through community politics together earlier in the night and I’d shown signs of mild exasperation (ok, maybe more than mild).  He was calling me with “not great news, but good.”  He’d been talking to one of the East Wind “boys,” Kris, who is a local expert in steam engines.  All along we’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate steam into the project; Kris refuses to use steam for electricity, too inefficient, but tonight he agreed to put together a steam exhibit for the festival.  He also provided us with a much cheaper solution to energy generation out on the site during build up camp by offering a diesel engine we can convert—all we need is a battery.

Some of the other good news is that East Wind might have two starter solar panels we can use on the site, every day we’re finding another potential long term VIS volunteer to come out in February to help with our massive site preparation, and we had a really great development and fundraising call today.

“I wanted to call and give you some good news, some hope.  Something good right before you go to bed,” Pilgrim told me.  And as we wished each other sweet dreams and hung up I was close to tears.  This is a big project and wading through community politics, trying to raise money, trying to keep everyone happy and trying to find enough volunteer help for Pilgrim himself is a bit crazy making.  And sometimes I feel like I’m doing it all alone out here.  But that’s just the egomaniac in me, and the team I’m working with reminds me in the simplest and most profound ways that we are a strong team.  It seems almost impossible, but with this group of misfit toys, I know we can make almost anything happen.  Prove me wrong, come and join us in June and tell me we’ve failed.  I dare you!


2 Responses to “And the good news is…”

  1. big mama Says:

    Sara, I can empathize with feeling like you’re doing this all on your own, even though you know you have support. It takes a lot of unlearning to admit that sometimes all we have to do is relinquish control and we have all the help we need. I’ve had to do this with my new daughter. I get so overwhelmed and then remember that all I have to do is ask for help and it’s there. So I won’t get to be with her every second, but honestly, it’s too exhausting to do that anyway! she needs more variety and stimulation than one mother alone can provide. I’ve been craving this; still I have to let go. I’m excited to know that you and your love of children are there waiting for us. and I look forward to finding the ways in which i can help you too!

  2. big mama Says:

    btw – big mama is Erica’s nickname from way back.

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