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What makes a masterplan ? January 29, 2010

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One of the cool things which has happened with the project is that these professional architects have offered to help us.  They will be coming in late February and helping us develop a multi-year masterplan for the site.

Of course they need things from us.  First they want a site survey.  Since we are building tree houses and zip lines they want to know about the trees on the site, their size, type, suitability for these applications.  So we have a crack team of Matthew and Pilgrim to find these trees and bring back surveys of them for the architects.

The other things they want is a project descriptions which tells them what we want.  This is of course a bit tricky, because we want more stuff than could possibly be completed on time.  I got good marks from Al Ross for the outline below as the template for the information they need for the masterplan.  Thought i would share  it here.

  • Goals of the Project
  • Project Time Table (including estimated work force)
  • Architectural elements planned to be included in the project
  • Known functions/events the space should host
  • Special considerations for reused and recycled materials
  • Multi-year considerations (what is important in 2010 and then 2011)
  • Zoning of the site for different types of spaces (kid friendly, supervised use only, construction areas, etc).
  • Availability of Garnie limbs and other special tree house constructing equipment.

Sara and i will start kicking out the answers to these, and anyone else who has an opinion on the topic.  Which of course brings up my big failing in the project to date, which is that i have not implemented this cool wiki project management plan i have had for some months which would permit people who want to help to know what we need to have help with.

What is also exciting is that Harley and Robert who are friends of Haydens are talking about coming out in the Feb trip and volunteering.  More hands on deck – super cool.  Hopefully they will be introducing themselves soon in the comments or posts here.


5 Responses to “What makes a masterplan ?”

  1. big mama Says:

    has anyone posted on Facebook with what kind of computer help is needed, like setting up Wiki? I could post it o mine if I knew what exactly to ask for.

    also, I’m allll about found objects, reduce reuse recycle. found art collages – mmmmmm.

  2. villagesinthesky Says:

    dearest Erica:

    1) super happy about all your comments
    2) we have not posted on the VIS Facebook site about the need for a wiki person – which is a great idea and i will do it
    3) as for FOUND magazine, you should drop them a line and tell them about us and we would love to work with them on an article.

    Paxus in Philly

    • big mama Says:

      I wrote FOUND an email.

      I’ve been thinking about stuff Josie and i need, like a baby backpack of some kind, yada yada. how would you recommend me going about asking?…..who? where?

  3. fereshteh Says:

    very nice

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