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They might be Architects* March 2, 2010

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(paxus) It was my mother who suggested i contact Al Ross from the architects firm of Flansburgh Associates, which is the firm my father founded.  Al built a tree house in his back yard and perhaps more significantly, also built a mock pirate ship by cleverly twisting plywood.  Al agreed to consult with us for the cost of a couple of airplane tickets to Missouri which the project was more than happy to pay for.

Sara hates possed pictures, so the above one with Al and Joe Marshell (also from Flansburgh Associates) myself and Sara is not quite as bad as the team shot which wont make it to the website, but is in Will’s Photos. he architects were generous with their time and clever with their advice.  We will have some of their drawings up in a few days, but for me the interesting thing abou their approach was they moved away from rectangular elements (which dominate the Acorn tree houses) and have shifted to triangles. Including a set of triangles which goes up to the main elevated dance floor.  The early computer aided drawings were light in design and took full advantage ofthe billboard tarps we are planning ot use as roofing.  We asked them to come up with stuff which was visually dramatic so that participants of the event would feel like they are part of something extraordinary.  They have succeeded famously.  My dad would be proud.

* My brother is in a rock band called “They Might be Giants”, when my fathers architectural firm was changing it’s name after he departed the firm there was a brain storming session on what the new name might be.  One name that never had a serious chance, but was my favorite as “They might be architects”


2 Responses to “They might be Architects*”

  1. If you’re looking for more ideas, let me know. This project sound like it’s right up my alley and a lot of fun too!

    • villagesinthesky Says:

      Thanks for the offer, it’s going to take all the support and guidance we can get to pull this wildly ambitious project off. Y’all’s workshop and website are incredibly helpful and I imagine we will seek further advice in the near future. And any initial thoughts y’all have when we post the architects designs would be more than welcome! Keep checking, they should be up soon!

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