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Tent Up March 26, 2010

Filed under: build up camp — paxus @ 5:26 am

(paxus)  So we know that it is an ambitious project.  We know we have to be resourceful and scrappy.  One of the many nice presents from our host East Wind is the circus tent which was deployed quite effectively at burning man.  Which was put up on the festival site quite recently.

Zeke, Pilgrim, Taeo and Yo put up the Circus Tent

It will serve as the kitchen and materials storage space and wet weather shop for Seed Camp which is starting in a few days.  About ten people will come out from Twin Oaks to help with construction for the start of Seed Camp which is fittingly set for April Fools day.

The Villages in the Sky organizers and our East Wind advisers (Zeke, Deborah and Quinn) have been wrestling with issues like can we accommodate the dogs of people who want to help?  Can we bring 17 year olds who want to come ans swing hammers (looks like we can in the case of Ayden Rain who will be with his legal guardian Mosha).

If your interested in coming out to help, drop us a line and we will figure out how to get you to the Ozarks.


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