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The New Plan March 28, 2010

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(paxus) Sara and i were arguing about being “realistic” there are lots of things we don’t know about the project.  How many volunteers we will have? where money will come from after our small seed funding?  Can we promote this very remote event with any success?  Sara did not know that the word “realistic” has been used as a club against many of my ideas.

What we ended up agreeing on (instead of realism) is sequencing.  That we dont know how much we will get done, but by choosing the order of the construction we will set our own internal priorities.  There is a growing group of project advisers from inside East Wind who are working with Sara and Pilgrim on the ground.  Yesterday evening they were brilliant and came up with a plan that Sara told me about on the phone.

The essence of it is to ditch the bunkhouse for workers right now, we dont need it in the very short term (most volunteers can camp), it is not directly supporting the tree house construction.  And as Sara points out it is a good building to do later when we have a stronger need and when we have more skilled folks on the site to help, since it will be the base of operations for future festivals and likely the most utilized structure we build.

So instead we are starting with the pole barn and the first zip line.  Then cisterns and more zip lines and other tree house platforms.

Architects proposal for tree house and zip line platform


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