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And so it begins March 31, 2010

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(Sara) All of this excitement and I haven’t even had a chance to write about it.  As we promised, seed camp begins officially on April 1st.  But tomorrow, tomorrow we’ll have an influx of folks from the east coast coming to kick us off right.  Our agreement with the community is that all of our volunteers stay on the site, that we feed them from our pockets.  Sounds simple enough, but prepping a site without any infrastructure for living on has proven more stressful than expected.

And all the last minute details are being hammered out today and tomorrow morning.  We’re getting help building composting toilets, fixing up an old shack to house folks, running to the grocery store to get a couple of days worth of food, doing dishes that haven’t been done since Burning Man in August, going to board meetings to make agreements with the community.  It’s a rush job and there’s a lot of folks working it here in Missouri.  And by tomorrow afternoon, we’ll be ready.

Someone elses barn raising

And then it will begin.  We’ll be starting with a bang, a party to set the tone for our balance of work and play.  Then we’ll go to work, with pole barn raisings and the first zip line going up.  It will be maddening and chaotic the whole time, but, like everything else we’ve done so far, it will be magical and I am certain that, in the end, I will be pleased and proud.  And we’ll have one hell of a festival.

If you’re interested in coming out anytime in April and May to help with seed camp, drop us a note at  The more, the merrier.  Really.


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