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Burn and Thorns March 1, 2010

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(paxus) We burned the festival grounds today.  It was a controlled burn of course and Zeke was the honcho, which marked his return to the project after a much missed absence.  I could not help but think as I watched my fellow communards rack fire that these would be perfect images for part of the “This is VIS”  slide show.

Quinn at Controled Burn

Quinn at VIS Festival Site

I’ve never seen a controlled burn before, much less helped make one happen.  It was strange watching the flames slowly creep across the grass.  There were a couple of exciting moments, but  the highly competent crew held It all in place.

I am not much of an outdoorsy type.  So me cutting thorns with a huge set of clippers is unusual to say the least.

Pilgrim was a virtuoso with the chain saw.  I told Will that people think I love Pilgrim because he can build anything in a hurry, but it is really because he can prune without pausing.  I am convinced Pilgrims green thumb will be as important as his hammer swing.