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Pressure Drop – Delaying the festival May 9, 2010

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(Paxus)  “Realistic” is a curse word in my house.  It is what is used to stop people from following their dreams, from opposing things which seem unstoppable (like nuclear power plants) and to get people to conform to restrictive social norms.

This is an ambitious project, but there are lines which are too far.  When we start  burning out our people or the goals become more important than the spirit, it is time to step back and re-assess.  When we looked at where we were and where we wanted to be by June 1st, we decided we needed to change the plans, it was too much too soon.

In a series of charged meetings with our advisors and a bunch of phone calls we decided to delay the start of the festival, til at least the fall.  [Summer events on this site are simply too hot to consider].  We made this choice just before Sara’s birthday and it was one of the better presents we could give her i think.

One of the factors was that we had not raised enuf money to buy the minimal number of things we needed.  And almost miraculously, right after we decided to slow down, te first real outside money came in.  But we did not second guess our choice.

A smaller crew will continue to work on the site, and we are still planning on getting up the dance floor in the next couple of weeks (the pole barn and first zip line are basically completed now).

For those who were planning on coming in a month, our apologies and request to keep watching this space as the new evolved project shapes itself.

For those who want to come to build up camp, do be in touch we will be working thru May on construction and organizing and we still need your help.

We are not being realistic, we are just shifting gears.

almost completed Pole barn


One Response to “Pressure Drop – Delaying the festival”

  1. bigmama Says:

    I heard it put well once. practical idealism.

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