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The dream dies October 13, 2010

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(sara) we’ve been quiet for a really long time.  no posts, no updates.  and still it seems, while browsing our history, that there are some people still paying attention, waiting for our next announcement.  i only wish it were some good news.

more than a month ago i got a call from a girlfriend of mine, telling me that our host community had voted us out.  the proposal to extend our timeline a year was not accepted and suddenly VIS was without a home.  and the blow came unexpectedly as our advisors had reassured us they thought the plan would be palatable to a community that had acknowledged that the timing was poor for a big festival.

immediately after the vote i was on the phone with one of our board members in missouri, spiraling through a series of emotions: anger, pain, resilience and hope.  she had me convinced that moving on without east wind was the only true path.  and while i still savor that conversation and appreciate the intention, it seems that the energy to push this project to completion is spent.

after a year of hard work spread amongst too few core organizers, the momentum and the dedication to launch VIS doesn’t seem to be manifesting itself.  and we are officially abandoning the project with mixed emotional responses of sadness and relief.

it’s true, the decision was made awhile ago and it’s been a bit too painful to make public just yet.  we have been lucky to work with some amazing people and still it wasn’t enough.  i hope that the work we’ve started will inspire others and that some thread of this vision will come to fruition in the near future.  until then, we’ll keep dancing in other circles, singing up the spirits of new and brilliant projects.