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About Us August 4, 2009


The Vision
We’ve waited long enough for our political and business leaders to step up and accept the challenge of an energy and environmental crisis that could be solved with a commitment to decentralized, renewable energy creation. Now it’s time that we take into our own hands the act of creating sustainable solutions.

It’s time to reclaim the wisdom of earlier generations and blow away the fossil fools of energy industries who’d have us destroying our planet for their bottom lines.

Located in the Ozarks of southern Missouri at East Wind, this annual “Villages in the Sky” festival will leave behind electricity-generating wind turbines and tree house villages, using the labor of festival participants and professionals.

By locating our initial festivals in community, we also hope to expose festival participants to the intentional communities movement and, eventually, to encourage the creation of eco-villages as a piece of the annual festival.


The Mission

Villages in the Sky is a family friendly festival celebrating the power of the air.  VIS often partners with existing intentional communities and aims to develop new eco-villages at festival sites.  We build tree houses, windmills, and other infrastructure in co-operation with local organizers.  VIS is an internally cash-free event, a volunteer ethic, promoting renewable energy use, and advancing sustainable building techniques.


2 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Emily Says:

    Thanks for creating such a beautiful vision! The festival sounds fabulous. And thanks for spreading the idea of community! I live in Maitri House, an intentional community near DC, which I love. If you’re visiting Takoma Park, swing by Maitri.

    • villagesinthesky Says:

      Emily! Thanks for the comment and I hope y’all are doing well at Maitri House. I very much regret how i came in and out and haven’t come back to see y’all. How are the kids?! How’s the experiment in kid centric community going? I think some of our board members are staying with y’all this weekend while they attend our board meeting–Teagen, Arrow, Felix and Teah. I hope all is well!

      love, sara

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