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Getting involved October 28, 2009

Anyone who is excited about this event can help make it happen, even at home in their spare time.  If this project is going to succeed we are going to need lots of different types of super heroes. If you think you’re a maker of magic, come help us co-create VIS!

Organizers: Organizers are distinguished from classical leaders by the fact that there is no job too low for a real organizer.  There will be lots of teams which make Villages in the Sky happen, working on those pieces of the puzzle that most motivate them.  And it is important that we avoid traps of the mainstream – unnecessary hierarchy, male dominance and classism.  If you are an experienced organizer, or feel you have the capacity to be one, contact us at

Tree House Builders: Prototype Tree Houses for Villages in the Sky are already under construction at Acorn Community in central Virgina.  This prototype will be complete by October 1st 2009.  In the summer of 2010, we will start bringing volunteer Tree House builders on site in NE Missouri.  If you are interested in volunteering to help build tree houses this year in Virginia, click thru to here.

Skilled and Unskilled Labor on site:  Come the summer of 2010, everyone is welcome to participate in the seed camp, from which the festival springs.  Some materials will be on site, but we are strongly encouraging people to bring materials – especially reused/reclaimed/recycled materials for construction of both wind mill towers and tree houses.  More details on this as it all gets closer.

Techs: So you are pretty good on the other side of a keyboard?  Can see ways to make this website look better, that would not take long to implement?  Believe in free software and are willing to charge that as your working rate ?  Then you are the type of tech we are looking for.  We need people who can make spiffy websites and organize Facebook and MySpace events, handle newsletter mailing lists and all things internety.

Fundraisers: Enjoy flirting with funders and selling a sexy product? We’ve heard that the revolution will not be funded, but we’re delightfully naive and slightly quixotic. So if writing grants gets you all excited or developing funders sounds like the right kind of challenging, we’ve got just the job for you!

Energy Experts and technicians: You’d think that a festival that hopes to leave behind wind mills and other renewable energy projects would have energy geeks and explorers amongst the lead organizers. But like most other aspects of the project, we refuse to conform to basic, sane assumptions. So, if a new festival to advance the spread of clean, community owned energy sounds exciting and you have the know how to make it happen, just find us at  We are actively look for a lead geek/chief scientist for this project, see our job description.

Artists and creators: We’re looking for artists of all types who can create awesome digital media for online advertisement or any variety of art for the festival grounds. We want to encourage creation at all levels and incorporate art into the festival through the tree houses and wind mill platforms!

Funologists: We are the studiers of fun, the makers of fun, the connoisseurs of fun. Fun is a critical element in changing lives and creating festivals. If you think you appreciate fun and can help us organize the better party, or in this case, the better festival, then we want you on the team!

Festival Organizers: Not to be confused with organizers, festival organizers understand the nuances of hosting a large, outdoor, multi-day event. You mix elements of fun with practical logistics. You answer the question: port-a-potties or shitters? If you have experience organizing other large scale events or have a vision of how to manage a festival, this is the role for you!

And more: We cannot begin to know all of the existing super powers that exist in the world or that it will take to make this maddening vision a reality. If you’re interested in the project and think you have something to offer–and we all have something to offer–just email us at . We’d love to hear from you!


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  2. Hypnotice Says:

    thanks so much, had the same trouble! btw great site (i love the design!)

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