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Seed camp: come volunteer! April 19, 2010

For the months of April and May we are building the infrastructure for the festival: tree houses, zip lines, pole barns, dirt stoves, root cellars, aerial dance floors, composting toilets and so much more.  Anyone who is interested in volunteering with us during the two months of seed camp will get into the festival for free and get to build not only the physical infrastructure but the cultural foundation for the festival.  There are so many ways to contribute while you’re here, some of them are:

  • Construction workers: Skilled is great, but willing hands without training are certainly welcome.  We are building tree houses, zip lines, aerial dance floor and giant play structures.  We are also installing several types of micro wind turbines and solar systems.

    Story Tellers and Performers: People who can keep the spirits up and work enjoyable.  This also includes people who are good at capturing stories of the seed camp and putting them up on blogs and social networks.

    Scroungers: The project is all about rescuing and reuse.  We have demolished abandoned buildings and resurrected broken tools.  We are dumpster diving, salvaging slab wood and looking at craigslist and freecycle.  If you are good at turning someone else’s trash into our treasure then give us a call.

    Geeks If you understand the ins and outs of energy creation or want to push the envelope of diy renewable energy, we need your brains and hands and enthusiasm.

    Organizers and flirts
    We are throwing a huge party in the woods and passing it as an educational event.  This requires minds acclimated to the details of event planning: where to put the poopers, how to create traffic flow in the festival grounds.  It also requires folks who have a knack with people and can convince them that this is something they want to give time to.  IF youre comfortable in the art of seduction, we can use your eyelashes and charms for the revolution.
    What is expected:  Typically we are looking for 25 hours of work from people – 5 hours for 5 days a week.  One of these days work maybe done in our host community East Wind.

    What is offered:  We are not paying volunteers, but we are providing food and entertainment, assisting in travel and other support as needed.  What we’re creating together at seed camp is a family, a foundation for the festival that evolves and is dynamic.  We are learning to live on a piece of land with no electricity and no running water, we’re building dirt ovens and earth boxes.  This is more than just a volunteer opportunity, it’s a chance to build something the intuitive side of revolutionary.

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  1. […] which she celebrated in grand style in the Ozarks on the new zip line at the Villages in the Sky seed camp with her many friends from East Wind.  We are 1000 miles apart currently as i am preparing to go […]

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